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Posted: Jun 24 2023

Cittarium pica (Linnaeus, 1858); West Indian Top-shell

Cittarium pica 1.jpg
Cittarium pica 2.jpg

Some related links:

Robertson, R.  Sep 2004.  Re-Searching A Non-Whelk: Cittarium pica.  Conchologists of America. Vol. 32, No.3. Pg. 26.


On Jun 24th I posted notice of this presentation on Conch-L and said:

"Phil’s C. pica are the only live collected/documented specimens from Florida that I’ve been able to confirm.  Would be happy to hear from others having collected/observed (and photographed) C. pica in Florida."  Below are the responses.

Jun 24:  José H. Leal:  "The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum collection (BMSM) includes two lots from Key Largo. And in 2020, in an article published in The Nautilus*, Anton Oleinik (FAU, Boca Raton) and collaborators registered the presence of a "living population" of the species in Marathon, Florida Keys.  [Oleinik, A. E., A. B. Modys, A. M. Tetu. 2020. Cittarium pica (Linnaeus, 1758) (Gastropoda: Trochoidea: Tegulidae) in southeastern Florida. The Nautilus 134(1): 36-44.)]"

Jun 26:  Andy Borgia: 

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