Discussing a trivia from Eleuthera

Dec. 2019 Steve Rosenthal sent a trivia for identification help.

Drift, Surfer’s Beach, Eleuthera, Bahamas.  7.9 mm

Dec 24, Marlo:

Not sure this can be identified with certainty.  The lack of dorsal sculpture surely makes it difficult.  However, white ventral coloring and elevated outer lip at apex makes me tend toward N. suffusa.  Also lacks granules in interspaces.

Dec 24, Susan Hewitt:

Upon reviewing the photos, Susan commented:

What other species in same family washed up on the same beach? And what was their relative abundance?

Steve replied:

Good questions. Tons of pediculus, and lots of quadripunctata and then some that may or may not be suffusa.  I should have sent them along with the others to Marlo to look at....


Like you, I am also tempted to say it is N. suffusa, but without all of the various lots of material from the same beach in front of me, I don’t really like to offer an ID.

Steve:  If Marlo doesn't mind waiting, I can mail all the Trivia I took home.

Jan 21:  Marlo has the shells and will soon photograph them.

Jan 22, Marlo:  He're the first few (Comments are what's desired.  Submit to marlo.is@yahoo.com):

Jan 29, Marlo:  I’ve started sorting more of them.  It goes slowly.  But, here’s some, all of which I’d call N. quadripunctata.  Comments?  He're the first few (Comments are what's desired.  Submit to marlo.is@yahoo.com):

Drift, Surfer’s Beach, Eleuthera, Bahamas.   

Jan 29, Susan Hewitt:  "I agree with those being N. quadripunctata.  And I agree with the Pusula pediculus IDs too."

Jan 30, Marlo:  Done sorting and here are the rest I’d call N. quadripunctata.  Comments (email marlo.is@yahoo.com)?

Jan 30, Steve:  "I agree so far ..."

Feb 1, Marlo:  Here’s another batch.  One left to go.

Feb 1, Susan Hewitt:  "I agree that all the shells in the group pic are T. suffusa, and I do also agree that the sub-adult shell that Steve found is Trivia suffusa."

Feb 2, Marlo:  Here’s the last

batch from Steve’s Surfer’s

Beach lot.  I’d say all are

Pusula pediculus.   Comments?

Feb 2, Steve:  "I agree with you."

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Niveria quadripunctata (J. E. Gray, 1827)

Niveria suffusa (J. E. Gray, 1827)

Pusula costispunctata (G.B. Sowerby II, 1870)

Pusula pediculus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Pusula pullata (Owen in G. B. Sowerby II, 1870)

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